Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some new wire wraps....practice, practice, practice!

Well, I am practicing. I have many, many beautiful stones to work with from brother Bob's collection. I am continually amazed at nature's beautiful artwork. I have been all over the Internet watching every video tutorial I can find on wire wrapping. Sometimes I hit a block and just don't know what step to take next on a wrap. So, I go back to watch the videos again and hope for answers I may have missed the first time around. They make it look sooooo easy!!! I have a special order for someone and I will post the picture (triangle shaped, beige on top, green on bottom). I also rewrapped the black and white stone (it's snowflake "something" - can't remember). My husband has a book on rocks and minerals that I will have to borrow to see what I can identify. I made some wrapped earrings in the herringbone weave - my first pair - also needing practice, but love the look! Thanks for looking. Anita

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