Sunday, July 31, 2011

Copper and Silver Love Bracelet

I watched a performance of "Stand Up" by Sugarland recently and during the performance saw banners with "Love" spelled out with the o as a peace sign. I thought it would make a great piece of jewelry. And so began my journey in metal work. I've done a few small things in metal, but this was a challenge to me - especially my limited soldering skills. Two of the pieces were done 3-4 times before I finally got it solders were not taking on the peace sign or the "L". I think the crux of the problem was that these two pieces were not fitting properly to the copper before firing. I persevered and used a leather hammer to get the fit as close as possible at diffent points. Finally, sweet success. If you are considering metal work/soldering, be patient, read up on the technique you plan to use or take a class and learn from someone more experienced. Most importantly, don't be deterred. Just do it. For your enjoyment, I am also adding the link to see Sugarland perform "Stand Up"! You'll see one of those "love" banners at the end.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chainmaille & Leather

Today I started out making chainmaille earrings. I was not happy with the end result, so decided on a box link chainmaille bracelet. I needed to make additional jumprings, but found I was out of the rose gold 18 gauge Parawire. Well, I was determined to continue one way or another - the Taurus in me :), and I let my imagination go. I added some accent beads and some brown leather cord and this was the result. You never know what can be created that's new or exciting. I'm sure someone has done this before me, but this is where my imagination took me. I would love to hear from you - like it, don't like it - share your thoughts! Blessings for your weekend. Anita

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chainmaille Bracelet in Rose Gold


Like the Byzantine I posted earler, this chainmaille bracelet was also created with Rose Gold Parawire. Again, Parawire is permanently colored copper wire. Being made with 18 gauge wire and smaller jump rings, this is great for the lady who prefers a more delicate look in her jewelry. It has a hook closure with extra links for sizing. I personally love the look of this chain. Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave your comments, It helps to know what people like or don't like. Blessings, Anita
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Byzantine Bracelet in Rose Gold


Created today, a Byzantine link bracelet done in Rose Gold Parawire. CBC Metal/Parawire has a whole line of permanently colored copper wire in many gauges and colors to pick from. You can let your imagination flow with ideas to incorporate their wire into your designs. With the cost of silver skyrocketing, Parawire offers a cost effective way for you to create. There are other alternatives in colored wire and this is one of many.

I love the Byzantine link and this one is for the individual who wants a heavier bracelet. It is made with 16 gauge wire. Not sure if men would wear this particular color or not, but definitely great for woman! Thanks for looking. Blessings, Anita
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jewelry Expressions by Anita's photostream

Wire wrapped goldstone pendantWire wrapped goldstone and flouritesterling silver soldered peace sign on leather cordWire wrapped, domed, soldered peace sign on leatherRed Czech beaded braceletHand crafted yellow lampwork, copper wire wrap
Bronze Foxtail chainmaille bracelet with metal clay charmSemiprecious wirewrapped stone in jeweler's bronze with Czech bead accentsBronze wire wrapped and linked bracelet.  Jasper and fossilized stone.DSCF7214Sterling silver half persian chainmaille braceletDSCF7676
DSCF7666Hand crafted copper braceletDSCF7650Half persian copper chainmailleCopper box link chainmaille braceletSterling silver, soldered peace sign pendant on black cord
Precious metal clay pendant on s.s. ball chainBronze metal clay on ball chainBronze metal clay leaf and beetle w/accent beadsDSCF7595Wire wrapped SodaliteViking weave and lampwork bracelet

Signed on to Flicker today to post pics of my hand crafted jewelry creations. Yet another internet networking site!