Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As can be expected, there are many beautiful beaches in Anguilla. We have managed to hit a different one each day. We started out with lunch at the local beach bars and then spent the afternoon enjoying the sand and the ocean. Day one we went to Smokies at Cove Bay. The luncheon fare was very good and the beach fun with lots of waves. On the weekends, they have music and "The Musicians" played while the patrons danced. Great fun for all.

Day two we spent at Johnno's Beach Bar in Sandy Ground. I was not there for that trek, but we were there five years ago and spent our day at Roy's - another beach bar there. The beach is great for swimming, sunning, partying, and seeing the sailboats come in. The family said there was great music at Johnno's and they had a wonderful time. There are several other beach bars/restaurants on the beach as well.

Day three was Shoal Bay - this beach is just beautiful, not so many waves, great for swimming. The grandchildren all had a great time here. Lunch was at Madearimans Beach Bar. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere friendly and fun. We loved our waitress, Lucy! There were ocean kayaks available and a coral reef for snorkeling.

Day four we went to The Great House at Rendezvous Bay. This is a resort and pricewise, the lunch was the best bang for your buck, as the saying goes, and very tasty. The beach had lawn chairs under the palm trees and there was a beautiful breeze. The beach was great fun with lots of good swimming for the young and the not so young!

It is now Day five. We decided to hang out at Rum Punch, but are going to dinner tonight and will tell you more tomorrow.


  1. Anita it sounds very peaceful and wonderful. I lived in Jamaica as a kid. Suggestion while you are beach hoping.. if they have those tiny little shells (I forget what they are called) they look like little pink/white domes with a whirl... tiny smaller than your pinky nail bed... never know what you might use them for. They had them in Kauai when I was there a few years ago.. just in the sand.. I wish I had gotten more...

    Love your jewelry especially Copper and Fire!!! and your posts... Deb

  2. Thanks, Deb...I have been collecting shells and my hubby found one REALLY TINY shell and I tucked it away. Thanks for looking and for your comments. Most appreciated.