Sunday, September 6, 2009


An additional piece added to the collection.

I have been working on some football team color jewelry and I'd love your feedback. It's been fun...starting with my friend, Judy, who wanted yellow and black jewelry, unbeknownst to me, because she is a Steeler's fan...and thus, an idea was born. With the help of my friend, Jeanne, who has recently started making lampwork beads, I have come up with some items that are Browns and Steelers colors for those hard core football fans. Now, my daughter said, "What about Ohio State fans?" So, I told her I'd come up with something for her, since that's her alma mater. What about it, Jeanne?! Some beads in Gray and Scarlet? I think there's some black and white in there, too!

**Note that these items are in no way Steeler's or Brown's team approved products. Just team color created jewelry to coordinate with your wardrobe.


  1. Fan-tastic, Anita. I adore what you have done with the beads.


  2. really it is appreciative and good work over color done by you. Thanks for post and Anita you are a very good designer...

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