Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Egyptian Coil Bracelet

I took on a new wire project this week - an EGYPTIAN COIL BRACELET. I downloaded the free tutorial from So my thanks to Marie Cristine! I had fun making this bracelet, starting out using inexpensive 19 gauge stainless steel wire that I picked up at a local hardware store. Having never worked with stainless steel wire, it was harder to work with than copper as it stiffens up as you work with it. But the end result was worth the effort. After making my first piece, I moved on to 18 gauge copper wire with the results pictured. I am very pleased with this piece and my advise if you decide to make this bracelet is to keep each wire length the same, check each piece after coiling to see that each piece is still the same length. Be consistent in each step you do so that the final piece comes out well balanced. I really thought the bracelet was beautiful in its natural copper coloring, but decided to patina it and absolutely love the antiqued look from this process. If you decide to make this, please share a photo with me! If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding this piece, or anything else on my blog, please e-mail me through the blog!
Have a great week.


  1. WOW!!! What a bracelet! I adore it.

    You are just developing your talent more and more.


  2. Thanks, Jeanne! And your beautiful beads were a hit today at the Mae Spa. They are putting several jewelry items in the shop.

  3. Hello, que bonito es todo! Me encanta todo lo que haces con alambre. Disculpa yo no se inglés. Pero no podía dejar pasar la oportunidad de felicitar tu blog y animarte a seguir adelante creando estas bellezas. Te dejo un beso =0) y muchas bendiciones para ti. Cuidate. Maika