Monday, July 26, 2010


I got my July issue of Art Jewelry and among other wonderful articles, was a pattern for an open round chain maille bracelet.  Since I've only done two chain  maille bracelets and this was described as a "beginner" project, it was just the right project for me!  The most difficult part of this project was getting it started...they suggested  using a mandrel and I came up with a straw, taped my three starting links and continued to add links until it was the right length.  I added extra links to taper the ends and added a toggle that I crafted myself - something else I'd not done before, but I like it.  I've always found chain maille rather intimidating, but these two recent bracelets have definitely given me courage!  If you are considering chain maille, I definitely recommend these two patterns as starters.  Blessings,  Anita  p.s.  You can find the other bracelet in a previous post.

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