Monday, September 6, 2010

Please Help Wireworkers!

I spent many hours on this bracelet and although I think it looks nice, it does not "wear" on the arm very well.  It's too floppy and and just hangs in a I am asking for YOUR FEEDBACK please.  My original idea was nothing like the end result, and it evolved as I created.  I really want your honest opinion on a way to improve the design!  I've thought about adding a wire bar across and through the links about 1" apart.  And I've thought about taking it all apart and making separate bracelets.   Another idea was to take off each band of links and weave them together, incorporating the beads down the middle.  Then I would be eliminating the starting bars at each completely and would have to come up with an alternative.  I am a muddle of thoughts!  (did I just make up a word - muddle?)  I would love your feedback and help!  Thank you!  Anita


  1. Nice blog! to create new things in simple manner or simple design, but it look pretty can help wireworker.

  2. Thank you! Glad you like the blog. I did add some copper spacer wires to give the bracelet form, but still am not happy with the end result. I may take it apart and rework it. It's a learning process and I will work through it. I like the design concept, just need to improve it! I welcome ideas! Thanks! Anita