Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hammering and Forming Instructional Videos

I recently got a notification in my mailbox regarding two new metalsmithing videos. Since I am taking a metalsmithing class, it peaked my interest and I indulged myself and purchased Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming with Bill Fretz. Bill Fretz is well known for his complete lines of jewelers stakes and hammers. I also purchased Metalsmith Essentials: Hammering and Forming Jewelry, Vol. 2 with Bill Fretz. Since I am new to this area of jewelry design, I can only offer my best opinion of these videos without something to compare them to. I thought the videos were well coordinated, starting with the simplest of designs and working up to four or five others, all cuff bracelets, but each a little different. Of course, it showed the uses of all of the Fretz tools, but he took his time and went through all the relevant information required to complete one of his projects. He showed his use of filing and soldering techniques. I found both videos very interesting and a valuable resource for future reference. I highly recommend them! He's a great teacher and shows you up close what each tool is capable of helping you create. I will add a link where you can purchase them!

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