Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tree of Life Pendant - a work in progress

Today I decided to attempt a Tree of Life pendant. I love the concept and think they are beautiful. I started out by making a square from 16 gauge brass wire, which I shaped and hammered. The join is at the bottom. At that point, I cut several pieces of 20 gauge copper wire to create the tree. I started wrapping at the join side, three wraps, one limb, one wrap, one limb, three wraps, one limb, one wrap, etc. and worked across the bottom. I had some trouble getting around the join, but put some extra wraps there and I think it will hold, then continued my pattern. I then twisted, straightened, twisted, straightened some more to create the trunk. I have straighted the wires and put them in order and am now at the point of attaching the other side. A picture is attached and I will add more when I finish it. I have some ideas swirling around in my head to complete it, but still not sure. If anyone knows the person's name who created the FIRST Tree of Life pendant, I would love to give the appropriate credit. Thanks for looking. Anita

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  1. Looking good. I like what you have done with the trunk.