Monday, March 9, 2009


This is simply an FYI - I am sure you have all seen the pop-ups online to get a sample pack of the "berry" pills to help you lose weight. This has nothing to do with the product or the people selling it, but if you decide to try it, make sure you READ EVERYTHING before you sign up for the trial/sample. I didn't read the agreement, and should have known better. I got my sample, then in a couple of weeks was charged on my account for a new shipment (which I have not received as yet), and just this weekend, was charged for yet another shipment. I called them after the first charge was made and they said they would cancel it and issue a refund. When I was charged the 2nd time, I called them again. They said they would make sure it got cancelled and my money refunded. They gave me confirmation numbers and e-mailed me the information. Apparently they had no record of my first phone call the week before. Basically what I am telling you is make sure you read EVERYTHING before signing on for the "sample." It was my own wrecklessness or ignorance that caused the problem. Anita

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  1. Aren't they the stinkers? I went through something similar last winter. I finally called and asked for the supervisor. Got a fax # and sent of my "get me out of this now" letter. No problems or bills afterwards. Just a thought on how to stop all the billing and communications before ya tear your hair out....LOLOL