Saturday, April 16, 2011


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Knowing my daughter's artistic abilities, I recently asked her to carve a peace sign into molding clay for me so I could use it to make pendants in metal clay for my jewelry shows. I am so proud of her and the design she came up with. It's unique and measures about 1" in diameter as pictured here in the silver metal clay. She made this piece herself with the exception of the patina and cord...those were done by "mom." We were both very proud of the end result. This brings me to another thought - we should never quit challenging ourselves to try something new, whatever our age. I found the rewards of creating jewelry in my retirement years and it has given me great joy and a sense of accomplishment. I hope my daughter continues to be interested in challenging herself artistically, whether it's in jewelry or some other art form. It's a great outlet after busy schedule of parenting and working. She has also been doing some chainmaille....perhaps we have another jewelry artist rising through the ranks! Challenge yourself - TODAY!

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