Thursday, May 12, 2011


I recently  completed this turquoise set in argentium sterling silver.  I wanted to create something a little different (for me)!  It is not exactly what I originally had in mind, but that's fine - all creations start with an "idea" and develop on as we go!  I torched the ends of my wires to create the ball ends, slid on the beautiful turquoise beads.  The  wires were looped and twisted and set onto a crafted sterling silver neck wire, each wire piece separated by sterling silver beads.  The wire pieces were tumbled for hardness, and the neck wire was hammered for hardness.  The necklace would have to be stored on a flat surface in an area where it would be protected from damage by other items that could mar or bend the rounded shape of the neck wire.  The coordinating earrings are also created with argentium sterling silver with hand made ear wires.  These items have all been listed in my Artfire store!   Blessings, Anita


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  2. Thank you again, Gkon. Come back often! Checking out your web page. Anita