Thursday, September 29, 2011

Metalsmithing - Week 4

As you know from my previous posts, I am taking my metalsmithing class at the Appalachian Rock Shop in Harmony, PA.  Well, before I go any further, you must check out their new web site!  It's beautiful!  There is something for everyone:  the mineral and fossil collector, casual and/or metalphysical rock enthusiast, jewelry collector, artist, children and educators! Click on the shop's name above and have a visit!
Back  to my classes.  Today we continued working on the bail for my pendant.  I decided to add some texture to the bail so I took a ballpeen hammer and added some ball-like indentations.  Of course, this hardened the metal, so, once again, we had to go through the annealing process. We then continued the process of shaping the bail so that it would fit snugly onto the pendant - pinch, squeeze, hammer - it's a process! After fluxing the entire piece, front and back, it was secured to the firing block. In this step, we used medium solder and small pieces were placed around and within the bail and it was fired, quenched and placed in the pickle for cleaning. Now for the hard stuff - the sanding begins. I went to the bench pin and began this process. Whoops - a little error here - not realizing, I turned the piece over to do some sanding on the back side without protecting what I did on the front - nothing major, but in doing this, the front got scratched from the bench pin that I was using to stablize the metal while I worked. Before turning it, I should have protected what was already done by covering it with masking tape! That was today's biggest lesson for me!! By this time, three hours had gone by and it was time to shut down for some festivities! The shop celebrated three birthdays today and we had pot luck - cheese, crackers, chicken croissants, jambalya, ambrosia fruit salad, cake, cheese cake, cookies, artichoke dip - these gals KNOW HOW TO PARTY! It was great fun.

Thanks for stopping by to see the posts. No class for two weeks, so I'll post more then. This piece is still in the sanding/polishing process, so hopefully, the next photo you see will be one of a completed pendant!!


  1. It is becoming more gorgeous with each step in the process! I adore it. It makes me so sad that I couldn't join you in these classes.

  2. Thanks, Jeanne!! If funds allow, we'll do the spring course!