Friday, January 13, 2012

Artfire Metalsmith's Guild

It's a new year and I am starting the year with some new challenges.  One of those is belonging to the Artfire Metalsmith's Guild.  I will be linking some of my blog posts with the guild, including featuring other member artists.  There is such great talent out there!   I will start out giving you a link to our guild master, Canadian Rockies Art, featuring her Peruvian Blue Opal ring! 
Canadian Rockies Art

Nathalie's workmanship is beautiful and I especially love that she uses a lot of copper in her creations.  

While you're at it, take some time and to check out the guild site and see the works of all its talented members.    Artfire Metalsmiths Guild

Blessings!  Anita


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Peruvian Blue Opal ring... Opals are so special. There's a wide variety of them, and to me, they are magical.

    I am really proud of all the beautiful creations from our guild members... we make a great team!


  2. Hoping I can keep up with it all, Nat! I found you on FB and gave you a follow there! So great to see such inspiring works of art by the many talented artists in the guild!