Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Ring for an Old Friend

And that is not to say that she is old, but that we have been friends now for about 30 years!  My friend, Jeanne, got me on my way to creating jewelry about eight years ago!   I have gone from beading to chainmaille, wire wrapping, and now metalsmithing.  As you read in my previous posts, I learned to sweat solder a band ring and Jeanne liked it so much, she asked me to create one for her.  It is made with nickle silver and a copper overlay.  I made a soft curve in the copper and added texture with the diamond head of my interchangeable head texturing hammer (a great little tool!).  The metals were sweat soldered together with cleaning, filing and sanding as needed between steps.  The only problem I ran into was in the sizing...I need to get that process down!  But it was easily remedied by leaving the back of the band open.  I am very proud of the end result!  My next project is a pendant I am working on using copper and sterling silver filled materials.  More later.  In the meantime, here is a picture of Jeanne's ring!

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