Monday, March 19, 2012


Always looking for a new market?  Me, too!  This is  nothing new, I have just never posted a lot as doing custom jewelry.  But chainmaille is one perfect example of this.  Chain type - Byzantine (pictured), Persian, half Persian, box link, mobius (pictured).  Metal:  Sterling Silver, Argentium Sterling Silver, Copper, Jeweler's Bronze (brass for jewelers), permanently colored copper wire comes in many colors, and of course, size!  Embellish or not, toggle or hook.  There are so many variations your clients can choose from to make it personally their own.  These two photos are of a Byzantine with pearl embellishment and a Mobius link bracelet.  I just made this one today as a prize for an event I am doing this weekend at Casal Aveda Institute in Youngstown.  The possibilities are endless.

A friend and fellow jewelry designer suggested I offer this "silverware" jewelry as a customizable item using a piece of silverware from their family in the creation.  I thought that was a great idea and further, you could add stones/embellishments in their birthstone colors!  Just some ideas!  Share yours with us!  Thanks for  looking! 

Sterling Silver Plated Silverware Handles with Amethyst

Sterling Silver Plated Silverware Handles
 with Opal Green Puff Beads

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