Sunday, April 29, 2012

Round Two of Classes at the Appalachian Rock Shop!

A few weeks ago I began another 10 week metalworking course at the
Appalachian Rock Shop and Gift Emporium in Harmony, PA.  Since I have already taken one course a and learned the basics, now I can continue under the guidance of our instructor, Jo, but can choose what I want to make.  My first project is a Ruby in Fuchsite or Zoisite (can't remember which!) cabochon that I wanted to set in silver and copper.  I wanted to continue to work on my bezel setting skills, so this was a perfect project and I have two more cabs after this!  I don't have start to finish pics to show the progress, but this is the final result.  Since the cab had such an organic feel to it, I wanted the bale to resemble vines.  It did not come out exactly as I had envisioned it, but I am very happy with how the bale turned out in the end!  I can't wait to wear it and have ordered a s.s. omega chain to showcase it. 

For more information on the healing properties of Ruby Fuchsite, visit Crystals, Rocks and Gems!

Next - two more stones to set - one a pendant and the other may be a ring.  More later!

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